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Meet The Team

CHEF Sam Dugdale


Food lovers.  Earth lovers.  Trying to

make a meaningful living.  We specialise in handmade - wholesome - responsibly sourced

- lovingly prepared food.

Sam, Chef

WHY start ArtiSam?

Chef Sam

ArtiSam was born

out of a desire to be different -

different from all of the food offerings with 'fur coat and no knickers', those that put style before substance, and presentation before product;

those that don't mind charging a fortune, but don't give treasures in return;

and worst of all, those that just plain disregard the environment and how our food production and consumption can harm it.

ArtiSam seeks to be different  we’ll always put our product before profits, and our principles first.

WHY start ArtiSam?

Helena, C.F.O.

Why the focus on being ECO?

ArtiSam heart.png

We all have to drastically change the way we consume food, if we wish to still enjoy all these foods in years to come.

Consumers on the street need the choice to go free range, the choice to go plastic free, and handmade, and honest, the choice to pick delicious, nutritious food that considers point of origin ahead of making a quick buck. 

Currently the food system is the single biggest negative impact we have on the planet → raising awareness and offering alternatives is vital, now more than ever.  

ArtiSam is our way of affecting change and making a positive difference.

Why the focus on being ECO?

ArtiSam Owners

WHO are we?

present pig_edited_edited.jpg

Together, we have 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, and understand the dynamics of successful catering.

Sam has been working in professional kitchens since the age of fourteen.  He worked from the ground up to become Head Chef at a variety of different restaurants, developing a diverse repertoire of skills, before establishing ArtiSam in 2015.

Helena built a career in the third sector before officially joining ArtiSam in 2017.  She has an extensive background in

customer service and multi-sector hospitality, with expertise

in front-of-house service. 

Working closely together, the pair ensure every good meal is an event to remember.

WHO are we?




Fusing free range British ingredients with global ideas, at ArtiSam we take pride in our principles –

our passion is good food, our focus is environmental sustainability


The world has a lot to offer and we love incorporating flavours and ideas from further afield,

with British free range meats and responsibly sourced ingredients,

to ensure the great taste doesn't come at a great cost to the planet we love.

Bespoke Catering Units

ArtiSam Bespoke catering a Wedding.png

The Smoke Box

Our pride and joy.  

Sam has converted a vintage 1970's

Rice horse trailer into a fully functional professional kitchen, capable of serving up cuisine wherever you want.


Custom built and designed to serve.

ArtiSam Scoops.jpg

Scoops Tricycle

Our unique catering tricycle has dual functionality, so she's able to serve both hot & cold delights! 


She can turn her wheels to many an outing, whether you want Ice Cream, a Booze Bike or Chowder Trike.

The Pallet Express.jpg

The Pallet Express

An up-cycled trailer, our nifty pallet-based unit is ideal for pop ups and street food style events.  Using recycled wood and tender-loving-care, Sam has crafted this unit to our exact specifications to make the ideal express kitchen.

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